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We work with project management systems – products, services and quality and environmental management.

Our quality department is a section of the company that adds value to the business, as well as improvement processes that have an impact on the product and our customers.

We conduct tests and inspections from the raw materials to the final product.

We have the ISO-9001 Quality Management System certificate.

“TESTING LABORATORY”. We have a testing laboratory with qualified staff who conduct different kinds of tests on our pieces such as:

– Gauges and Calibres
– Salt Spray Chamber Test
– Traction Test
– HRC Hardness Tester

Cold stamping on 5-station machine

Cold stamping on 2-station machine

Cold stamping on 1-matrix and 2-strokes machine

The most advanced technology to manufacture all types of bolts

Cutting-edge machinery for manufacturing high quality bolts and rivets